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 BF2 & Utilities Download Center

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Big Dog

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PostSubject: BF2 & Utilities Download Center   Sun Mar 01, 2009 11:34 am

**RR** BF2 & Utilities Download Center

These downloads are exclusively for our Clan Members, Clan Allies and other players authorized by **RR** clan administrators only!

FileZilla FTP Clients for More Reliable Downloads:
Web Site Download:

Use these parameters:
IP Address :
FTP Port : 6921
Connect as an anonymous user. Look in the AIX directory or sort through the file listing.

BF2 & Special Forces PATCHES:
Version 1.41: (548,873Kb)
Version 1.50: (2,019,059Kb)
*Note: After installing above patches, install the "ALT-TAB FIX" listed in post below.

BF2 Extra MAPS:
Click or Right click on links and select "Save Target As..". After downloading run the .exe files to install.
Highway Tampa: (65,221Kb)

Install any or all of the above maps back to back and then re-install the 1.41 and then the 1.50 patches above.

AIX 2.0 MODS and MAPS (lots of maps, lots of fun):
I moved these files to a new post of thier own as this post had exceeded the forums maximum post size.
the files are now at the Our "AIX & Maps Donwloads Center"post.

Download the latest client here:

Download TeamSpeak rc2_2037 Patch, Repacement Executable:
Copy this file ove your exiting TeamSpeak.exe executable file.
This file is usually in:
C:\Program Files\Teamspeak2_RC2
or on 64 bit systems:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Teamspeak2_RC2

Get the TeamSpeak 3 Client here:

Join Our TeamSpeak Servers:
After installing a client, join one of our TeamSpeak2 Servers @ IP: (private clan server) we are usually here.
Server Password: GRIM
Our TeamSpeak 3 Server @ IP: (public)

Help Connecting to a TeamSpeak 2 Server:

Click here to Quick Connect to our Private Clan TeamSpeak Server:
This is our private clan TS server. Pease give us some time to grant you voice rights to talk with us as we may be gaming!

Both these utilities can improve game performance. I've used both on XP and Vista without problems. The Smart Defrag can improve you PC's performance in general by defraging your files. The GameBooster will shut down un-needed services / programs and frees and defrags memory. It does with a single click for help while playing games games and then restores them afterwards with just two clicks.


GameBooster Notes: I personally don't shutdown the "Task Scheduler" as it may interfear with some rair+older games. I've currently tested GameBosster on my development system with BF2, AIX, BF Hero's, Crysis, Crysis Warhead, Need for Speed Carbon, CrossFire, COD4, Unreal Tournament III, Halo, Bad Company 2, Fraps, xFire, TeamSpeak2&3, Myst 1-5, Windows XP-7 32/64 bit. I have no issues. I used older versions of GameBooster in the past with a series of other older games and I had no problem with them.

If you have a widescreen monitor, you’ll like this little utility! Widescreen Fixer will adjust multiple-games aspect ratios from 4:3 to 16:9 or 16:10. I prefer 16:9 it gives you 15% more in game viewing area side to side. It also fixes the slightly out of round condition on most round objects. It can be turned on and off in game using the “ ; “ semi-colon key!

*NOTE: this is no longer needed with BF2 patch 1.50 and the +widescreen command line startup option! (If adding this option remember to remove/change the +fullscreen option.)

Download the PBSetup program and run it. If BF2 is not listed ADD it and then run the update!
(this should download your key-coded *.htm files and updates any PB *.dll's)

If you are still having BF2/PB issues that PBSetup won't fix, try these steps:

1. Delete the BF2..\PB directory it's content and sub-directories and only the "PB" dir under your BF2 dir.
2. Uninstall PB Services from "Control Panel / Add Remove Programs".
3. Delete PBSVC.exe file from C:\Windows\System32.
4. Delete all Pnk*.exe files from C:\Windows\System32.
5. Using "Search for Files" delete any remaining Pnk*.exe files in personal stores or anywhere else the files may be backed-up.
6. Re-Boot and Re-Install PB Services and Re-Boot again.
PB Services:
7. After re-installing PBServices re-run PBSetup.exe again as described above. (this should download your key-coded *.htm files and updates any *.dll's)
8. Use the GameBooster as it may shutdown un-needed or interfearing services and programs.
9. As described by BunkBuster, make sure the following services aren't running: 3dnasys.exe, Auction Sentry, Bandwith Controller, Countdown! (by ContactPlus), CyberCorder: cybrcrdr.exe, Dell Network Assistant, Desktop Armor, DU Super Controler, DynAdvance Notifier, Evernote, Get Right, Girder 3.2, HDD Life Pro, HpqCmon.exe, HyperSnap, Jot+Notes, Lightning Download, Macro Toolsworks, mIRCStats , NewsLeecher, Paessler Router Traffic Grapher: prtg4.exe, Parent Tools, PRTG Traffic Grapher, SuperUtilities, XP Tools.
10. Also as described by PB, Closing those programs, or any like them that contain user or kernel level debuggers should stop the problem. Installing the latest ForceWare (Mother Board and Video) drivers helped some users too. Also uninstalling the "Nvidia Network Manager" helped some users.
11. Re-Start your BF2 / AIX.

BP Notes: Even with all the steps above, BF2 still may not run and after our entire clan investigating these BF2/PB issues this is the best we have come up with so far. Starting around the 1st of May 2009 Punkbuster updated thier client from 2.150 to 2.181. Reports of ongoing BF2/PB problems with 2.181 have existed ever since. We have tried everything suggested by BP and "then some" to fix BF2/PB 2.181 issues and they still remain. The problems comes and go's without rime or reason. PC' I have working one day won't work the next and then start working again the folowing day, and still other PC's work for hours and stop working while in game... so go figure?!

PunkBuster is a code checking communications program and other communications applications and debuggers can interfear with it. Uninstalling any other Recent Programs, Communications Programs and Debuggers "you have currently" or "have installed recently" may also help as they may also install hooks that use communications services in Windows.

These are ones working to the best of my knowledge.

Some free avatar places.
ALL Avatars:
Google Search "Reaper Avatars":

These are fully functional trials you may need to decompress some of the above files.

Test Your Internet Connection Performance, Bandwidth Tests:

The really big downloads @ the addresses all come form my super fast servers and Internet connection 20/5Mbit. I've done my best to insure these are completely Virus Free! Please report any problems you have here I'll check offten!

Enjoy and Have Fun!

**RR** Clan and Clan Servers Donations (By PayPal):
Clan Pay:

Thanks to all those who have and will Donate! We all greatly appreciate it!


Big Dog is Barking!

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PostSubject: hey   Sun Mar 01, 2009 9:44 pm

thank you bigdog for all the free stuff... Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

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PostSubject: Re: BF2 & Utilities Download Center   Mon Mar 02, 2009 11:05 am

Thanks brother and welcome to all the new clan members look fwd to some great battles with you see ya soon ... The Gunny Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: BF2 & Utilities Download Center   Mon Mar 09, 2009 1:25 pm

I got the 2 downloads for AIX so i will check it out later and i will see u on the server Very Happy
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Big Dog

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PostSubject: Re: BF2 & Utilities Download Center   Tue Mar 10, 2009 1:53 pm

DreamCrusher9999 sorry but there are now actually three files you will need! I've adjusted the downloads area.

Big Dog is Barking!

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Big Dog

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Age : 55
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PostSubject: ALT-TAB Fix - RendDX9.dll   Sat Oct 24, 2009 9:37 am

If your having Alt-Tab problems and are either locking up or crashing to desktop (CTD), try this fix. It's a replacement file "RendDX9.dll" loaded from EA's support forums. It worked for my ATI 4870x2 and should work for Vista too!

This file is 2 bytes larger than the original file and should be placed in your directory: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2

Some other thing reccommended if this dosen't work for you...

1. Delete your profiles.
2. Reset Both your Video & Sound Settings to Default and restart BF2.
3. Update your SATA/IDE (disk), Video and Sound Card drivers.

Big Dog is Barking!

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PostSubject: Re: BF2 & Utilities Download Center   

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BF2 & Utilities Download Center
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